the best of dj honda

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2 hours of nonstop music from every dj honda track imaginable! This double CD has all the tracks from "h", "h II" albums, including unreleased tracks from upcoming "h III" & "Underground Connection" albums...Plus, exclusive tracks that have never been released. Over 80 blazin' tracks produced by dj honda featuring all your favorite artists such as: Gangstarr, M.O.P., Redman, Keith Murray, Erick Sermon, Mos Def, De La Soul, The Beatnuts, Fat Joe, Common, The Liks, Jeru The Damaja, Camp Lo, KRS-One, Cuban Link, K-Solo, PMD, Krumb Snatcha, Saigon, Nashawn, & many more. 

 全米で10万枚を越すセールスを記録し、アジア人として初の快挙となったビルボード誌にチャートインしたファーストアル バム「h」。続く1997年にもアルバムとシングル2枚を同じくビルボードにチャート・インを果たし、アメリカおよびヨーロッパや世界各国でファーストア ルバムを越える大ヒットとなったセカンドアルバム「hII」。
 自身のレコード会社を設立してからもその勢いはとまらず、dj honda RECORDINGSからのシングル「EL Presidente」「Real To Me」もビルボードに叩き込むなど、世界を舞台に活躍を続けるdj hondaのベストミックスCD!!!
dj honda自身によるスクラッチ&ミックスを織り交ぜた全81曲・トータル120分以上の大作!

1. World Mothe F*cker feat. Afrika Bambaata *Exclusive
2. El Presidente feat. Jeru the Damaja (2000)
3. Constant Elevation dj honda & PMD *Exclusive
4. Dat's My Word feat. Redman ('95)
5. Gun Hold feat. M.O.P. *Exclusive
6. Out For The Cash feat. Al' Tariq, The Beatnuts, Fat Joe, Problemz ('96)
7. Common Interlude feat. Common ('96)
8. What You Expected feat. Guru & DJ Premier(Gangstarr) ('95)
9. From Tokyo Japan ('96)
10. Team Players feat. KRS-One, Doe-V ('97)
11. Hip Hop 101 feat. PMD (2001)
12. Game of Death feat. Erick Sermon *Exclusive
13. Victory Song feat. Wolf Gang *Exclusive
14. Beginning to End dj honda & PMD *Exclusive
15. Gangsta feat. Nashawn *Exclusive
16. When You Hot You Hot feat. No.ID & Dug Infinite ('95)
17. Monsterz feat. Saigon *Exclusive
18. dj honda in the House ('96)
19. Kill the Noize feat. Problemz ('96)
20. Around the Clock feat. Problemz ('97)
21. Kill the Noize (remix) feat. Problemz *Exclusive
22. Beginning to End (Live from Korea) dj honda & PMD *Exclusive
23. Banger, Rhyme For Me dj honda & PMD *Exclusive
24. International Anthem feat. The Liks ('96)
25. Who the Master feat. Krumb Snatcha *Exclusive
26. Like This ('96)
27. Straight Talk From NY feat. Grand Puba, Sadat X, Wakeem ('96)
28. Straight Talk From NY (DJ HIRO Mix) ('96)
  feat. Grand Puba, Sadat X, Wakeem
29. Hai! feat.Keith Murray, 50 Grand ('98)
30. We Got dj honda *Exclusive
31. O.F.CA$H "Scratch" *Exclusive
32. Pre O.F.CA$H (remix) ('95)
  feat. Fat Joe, Common, Al' Tariq, The Beatnuts
33. Out for the Cash (5 Deadly Venoms) *Exclusive
  feat. Fat Joe, Common, Al' Tariq, The Beatnuts
34. We Don't Play
  feat. S-On, Manifest, The Rawcotiks, Problemz, Missin' Linx ('99)
35. Head's A Hustler (2001)
36. Rock Da Crowd *Exclusive
  feat. The Beatnuts, Buttah of The Rawcotiks, Willie Stubs, Marly Gatz
37. Smokin' Session feat. DJ Aladdin *Exclusive
38. Act Like Ya Know feat. Teflon *Exclusive
39. Know What I Mean *Exclusive
  feat. Rob Jackson, 8-Off Agallah, PMD

1. R-Beat *Exclusive
2. Life Sh*t feat. Black Attack *Exclusive
3. Trouble in the Water feat. De La Soul ('97)
4. Sometimes I Think... feat. The Rawcotiks *Exclusive
5. DJ Battle Round 3 vs Roc Raida ('92 MNS NY) *Exclusive
6. What it Looks Like feat. Def Jef *Exclusive
7. Earth Till It's Down feat. Naybahood Watch, DJ Aladdin *Exclusive
8. Cold Blooded feat. Grand Master Melle Mel *Exclusive
9. Fat Lip Interlude feat. Fat Lip ('97)
10. F*ck With Us *Exclusive
  feat. The Beatnuts, Buttah of The Rawcotiks, Willie Subs, Marly Gatz
11. Stretch Armstrong & Lord Sear ('97)
12. Talk About It feat. Al' Tariq ('97)
13. Who's The Trifest feat. The Beatnuts ('97)
14. Wild Rodeo feat. Psycho Les of The Beatnuts *Exclusive
15. We Run Sh*t feat. The Gravediggaz *Exclusive
16. Mista Sinista Interlude feat. Mista Sinista ('97)
17. Make Moves feat. M.O.P. *Exclusive
18. F*ck Dat feat. Black Attack ('96)
19. For Everyday That Goes By feat. The Rawcotiks ('97)
20. Love is Love dj honda & PMD feat. 275 *Exclusive
21. Watch Me dj honda & PMD *Exclusive
22. Real to Me feat. Triple Seis, Headcrack, Miss Jones (2001)
23. Who Could You Trust dj honda & PMD feat. Devyn *Exclusive
24. Big Dreams feat. Supernatural *Exclusive
25. The Eclipse feat. Manifest ('99)
26. 5 Seconds feat. Black Attack ('97)
27. Rep Da R.I. feat. Black Attack ('98)
28. Blaze it Up feat. Black Attack ('97)
29. Old School, New School feat. Black Attack ('98)
30. Biz Freestyle feat. Biz Markie ('96)
31. Jazzy Drummer ('91)
32. Old School Jam *Exclusive
  feat. Kurtis Blow, Prince Whipper Whip, Donald-D
33. Disco T-E-C feat. Camp Lo *Exclusive
34. On the Mic feat. Cuban Link, JuJu of The Beatnuts ('98)
35. Every Now and Then feat. Infamous Syndicate ('98)
36. History feat. Joosuc, Vasco, Defconn *Exclusive from KOREA
37. My Poetry feat. Joosuc, Supasize, QJ *Exclusive from KOREA
38. Underground Connect *Exclusive
39. How Many *Exclusive
  dj honda & PMD feat. Buttah of The Rawcotiks
40. Travellin' Man (remix) feat. Mos Def ('98)
41. Travellin' Man (original) feat. Mos Def ('98)
42. Foundation feat. Mos Def *Exclusive